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Quote for INTC
SymbolPriceChange% ChangeVolumeAvg Daily VolumeBidAskLast TradeMarket CapName
INTC36.445 -0.465 -1.26% 27427056300844000.0035.23N/A - 36.445173.8BIntel Corporation
Traders that have a holding in INTC
UsernameAvg. Purchase PriceSharesLong
sampeacelee 25.953,853.00True
lobonse 23.72992,106.00True
fire533 24.3605072,088.00True
Beef 25.7446521,986.00True
myfishtheory 23.8822561,637.00True
graburankles 20.191,633.00True
engineereagan 25.531,566.00True
ddunfee93 26.941,298.00True
minavr 20.5851,200.00True
rennie23 18.7411851,186.00True
elliotalley 21.451,165.00True
amanoogs 20.9227291,115.00True
willzep 19.6398451,103.00True
Pio42 23.3251,071.00True
irishaiden 23.691,000.00True
soxcity 34.231,000.00True
Jgibbs138 19.251,000.00True
sp101 21.92751,000.00True
Michael97 37.441,000.00True
nightseeress 19.971,000.00True
Aturi 24.031,000.00True
nitrusinc 23.951,000.00True
johnbjab05 20.941,000.00True
macbookpro1987 21.661,000.00True
vaithi 21.961,000.00True
zigadee 21.1691,000.00True
chaos12345 23.53421,000.00True
nowayjose 19.7151,000.00True
Insanious 20.75963.00True
Flowbo 20.82960.00True
msandhu 21.08948.00True
scottya9 21.115946.00True
slavamani 21.15945.00True
mr_ungrateful 21.69921.00True
Jacarda 21.955910.00True
AlessandroDelPiero 22.175901.00True
stevenstepien 23.16863.00True
Strikeback 24.09829.00True
TP2Bank 21.04800.00True
agiuffrida 20.815720.00True
HaxsChao 19.557542700.00True
Gifafi 24.43700.00True
PoeLo101 24.25640.00True
ragedcandy 24.43613.00True
sgtmja23 27.07590.00True
jeremy936 20.7785570.00False
busyb 18.95527.00True
cja6388 23.46500.00True
zhasan2 21.1617500.00True
rocsdaspot 26.69500.00True
royalejack 19.59500.00True
b_beau_09 23.1294500.00True
frank.beaw 20.81500.00True
td5187 21.68500.00True
JamesCorc 24.46500.00True
investmentguru95 20.9552476.00True
MeHo 21.02475.00True
WiredForStereo 21.72459.00True
PiGuy 22.19450.00True
Vandenberg 22.89450.00True
LUISHM 22.46450.00True
jnickers 22.37446.00True
seanrabeaux1 22.46444.00True
maw03e 23.71421.00True
craigso 25.665400.00True
lam_giau 19.82400.00True
djagar 25.61390.00True
necrophrenic 25.585390.00True
pmusura 25.40390.00True
luckytom333 25.85386.00True
ronin027 26.57375.00True
Armi 21.34374.00True
brianph 23.615340.00True
geonimay 20.27340.00True
TauzyLove 21.285300.00True
Kadorns 21.22300.00True
DJ1992 22.85300.00True
pappag123 27.07258.00True
Donnie84 19.84251.00True
Oam07 22.64250.00True
g2ku 21.49250.00True
Koncept077 29.18250.00True
jwreezy1 26.47250.00True
gbryant17 26.47250.00True
Spencer4hire86 20.32245.00True
pranavkn 20.58240.00True
Strobster 21.125236.00True
coreyv87 21.1981235.00True
d2jlking 21.42232.00True
Finance22 26.035263228.00True
rogert15 22.58220.00True
graalmeister 22.61220.00True
sarmyra 22.80218.00True
762 23.20215.00True
chircdog 23.73210.00True
RyanSorkhpoosh 24.09207.00True
sbutcher 19.50204.00True
daNNiebOixD 21.2299200.00True
floydo10 21.54200.00True
icalise 24.885200.00True
sammorrison 21.19200.00True
1000fc 26.07190.00True
RichardJordan 21.0503189.00True
Trenaro 23.47185.00True
KCS-dividend-machine 24.27164.00True
ChiFutbol 23.68151.00True
ukgaz 20.85275150.00True
shoofly 26.06150.00True
xinwei.kong 21.56150.00True
Jryburn2712 23.69150.00True
jrs7n 24.7952150.00True
equagesic 21.185141.00True
HuRU 22.60132.00True
I 23.675126.00True
gutless1 23.14120.00True
Summerland77 27.16110.00True
loganwassam 24.26100.00True
raka 26.71100.00True
reykir 24.83100.00True
doomster1994 24.12100.00True
anvarbek79 27.37100.00True
me345 21.32100.00True
jimdiddy 22.26100.00True
mrelpeno 21.025100.00True
cj1697 19.61100.00True
stockingsofstocks 21.08100.00True
hichangkyu 21.44100.00True
EuroTravel 22.30100.00True
bdevery 20.19100.00True
Mav7117 19.32100.00True
dailydraggerz 20.545100.00True
Feball3001 21.195100.00True
TREESE1978 21.52100.00True
plathhughes 21.19100.00True
stockbrokerbill 20.7257100.00True
SWLISTS 21.18100.00True
matta795 22.40100.00True
adamflurk 23.89100.00True
tomtrade 21.54100.00True
swelldawg07 24.19100.00True
hughperkins 24.13100.00True
marketcrash 25.40100.00True
stevo 20.37597.00True
chameleonb 21.0994.00True
Hartland 24.5389.00True
savychacha 23.359985.00True
soundcloud.com/Gewze 24.0682.00True
ndk0911 35.104756.00True
AlgoPortfolio1 36.5654.00False
AtulTodwal 25.5050.00True
Btho109 24.4650.00True
Jessehylton 24.4450.00True
smantri 20.7950.00True
sammyhaji 19.49850.00True
noahcameron 19.4550.00True
OB 23.368350.00True
thepirate1979 21.51546.00True
joefire1000 21.4646.00True
nekro 22.1744.00True
nextxbox 24.5740.00True
calshaye 27.7334.00True
transienttimes 24.31630.00True
ajf311 23.3330.00True
moatsmd 23.61529.00True
KyleTdeVries 34.1825.00True
etrader129 19.7524.00True
calshaye-rae 27.8021.00True
kyle.dietrich1 23.59520.00True
jimbojo 25.3520.00True
filever10 23.84520.00True
PapaSmurf 21.1120.00True
Gumfoot 20.9819.00True
neelchanda 21.0815.00True
hup 21.6610.00True
Yme 21.1110.00True
pranaywankhade 20.0610.00True
Khpickles 20.14510.00True
cheffydave 23.248910.00True
Throo86 22.9310.00True
philll04 20.4310.00True
mkhussar 19.054.00True
Soireesh 21.964.00True
DFC3S 21.3123.00True
Jebediah23 21.421.00True
Gabriel621 20.521.00True
kspiritfire 22.351.00True
* See note at bottom for explanation on shares held short.
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Intel Declares Quarterly Cash Dividend
Fri, 23 Jan 2015 14:26:10 GMT
[at noodls] - 6.9 KB SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Intel Corporation's board of directors has declared a quarterly dividend of 24 cents per share (96 cents per share on an annual basis) on the company's common ...
Intel Declares Quarterly Cash Dividend
Fri, 23 Jan 2015 14:00:00 GMT
[Business Wire] - Intel Corporation's board of directors has declared a quarterly dividend of 24 cents per share on the company's common stock. The dividend will be payable on March 1, 2015, to stockholders of record on Feb.
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[Business Wire] - Intel Corporation recognized 40 U.S. high school seniors as finalists in the Intel Science Talent Search, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious pre-college science and math comp
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IBM's strategic imperative... growth: CFO
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* When a 'Sell Short' is executed (Long = False), the dollar amount of the shares is added to the Available Cash.
The Portfolio Value is reduced by the same dollar amount.

When a 'Buy to Cover' is executed, the dollar amount to buy back the shares is subtracted from the Available Cash.
The Portfolio Value is increased by the same dollar amount.
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